E-Commerce – An ever more important channel for Tire Sales

Online tire sales revenue grew by 34% in 2018.

Currently online sales account for only 7% of overall replacement tire sales in the US. However, with rapid year over year growth in online tire sales revenue, retailers need to get ahead of the wave and start adding online ordering capabilities to their websites now.

Europe overall leads the US when it comes to online tire sales, but North America is catching up!

In France, three in four consumers seek tire info online before making a purchase. Online tire sales already account for over 13% of the French replacement market. North American online sales are likely to reach the same level as Europe in the near future.

TireConnect is here to help! By using TireConnect solution on your website you are already a step ahead of the competition, since you are able to provide accurate tire quotes based on real inventory to all potential customers visiting your website.

But in today’s market it’s just not enough! A growing number of consumers expect, and want to be able to transact online, securing their purchase, directly on your website. You need to capture these online shoppers and TireConnect can give you the ability to accept online payments on tire orders, at no additional cost.

Once e-commerce is enabled, customers will be able to pay using any major credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, directly on your website.

Are you interested in adding e-commerce functionality to your TireConnect account? Reach out to the TireConnect support team at 1-888-792-7072 ext 100 or support@tireconnect.ca to learn how to turn on e-commerce functionality for your account.

New Feature Highlight – Pricing Profiles’ Labels

Many TireConnect clients use multiple pricing profiles to manage their tire pricing. It can be confusing to quickly decipher which pricing profile is focused on which brands, tire types, and suppliers. We’ve now added an optional label field for each pricing profile; the label field can act as a quick description of a particular pricing profile, for easy identification.

Additionally we’ve also introduced filtering to the Tire Pricing profiles page. You can now filter your pricing profiles by label name, suppliers, price type, winter tires, and brands.

PRO Tip – Adding New Tire Models

When a  manufacturer launches a new tire, for it to appear in your TireConnect store you will need to add the new tire to your pricing matrix in the TireConnect admin portal. Any questions about this? Contact us at support@tireconnect.ca


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