Introducing Supplier Ordering by TireConnect

  • See tire availability from multiple suppliers
  • Order tires instantly
  • Save time with every order

Which suppliers can I order from within TireConnect?

Supplier Ordering within TireConnect is supported by the following suppliers:

United States

  • American Tire Distributors ( ATD )
  • Barron’s Wholesale Tire
  • Community Tire
  • K&M Tire
  • Max Finkelstein Inc ( MFI )
  • National Tire Wholesale ( NTW )
  • Sullivan Tire
  • TDX ( TireCo )
  • TireHub
  • TR Wholesale Solutions
  • U.S. AutoForce


  • La Cie Canada Tire Inc.
  • Groupe Touchette (Dealer Tire / DT Tire)
  • National Tire Distributors ( NTD 

What Dealers Are Saying About It?

The new ordering process has been a real time saver. … This streamlines the process and just plain WORKS! I love the fact that I can look in one spot to see what was ordered! Great management tool!
Mark – M&W Tire

One less step that the counter has to do.  And with a busy shop, time is so important.  It is great to be able to order from many vendors in one spot. …  I think it is a must have tool for our sales staff.
Jeremy – Harris Automotive & Tire


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