Tire Search, Price Matching & Tutorials

Tire Recommendations

Tire Recommendations (previously called search sorting) gives you complete control over the tire search results displayed to your customer. With our recent update, you can now select which brands and models of tires show up at the top of your customer’s search results based on their vehicle type.

For example you can have specific preferred tire brands and models displayed when your customer searches for tires for their SUV, versus showing different preferred tires when a customer looks for tires for their truck.

Highly Requested Feature – Price Matching

One of the most highly requested features from our tire dealers, price matching, is now available in TireConnect. This optional feature will allow dealers to offer tire price matching.

Customers will be able to request a price match by filling in a simple form when selecting a tire. After the form is completed dealer will get a notification and will be able to communicate directly with the customer.

Portable Help Center & Interactive Tutorials!

TireConnect is fast-evolving, with new features coming out on a weekly basis. To keep our clients up to date with the latest TireConnect features, we’ve added a portable help center available within your TireConnect admin portal.

The Portable Help Center will give you access to how-to articles and tutorials. Additionally, the portable support portal allows you to schedule a training or support session with one click.

People learn best by doing! In line with this, TireConnect has created a series of interactive tutorials, with new tutorials being added weekly, which will provide dealers with step-by-step guidance on how to complete key tasks for their TireConnect store.

ProTip: Tire Recommendations

The nice thing about tire recommendations is that you can use it as little or as much as you like. The rules can be configured at a very deep and detailed level, but how far you take it depends on you. That means you can start basic and progress to use more sophisticated tire recommendation rules as needs grow. If you decide not to setup any tire recommendation rules for yourself, your TireConnect turnkey widgets will continue to work just fine. The original TireConnect tire recommendation algorithm will continue to perform as it always has. If however you decide to create your own tire recommendation rules, then the current tire recommendation algorithm will be bypassed in favor of your new rules


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