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Over 5000 leading North American tire retail locations, both big and small, rely on TireConnect to power their online and in-store sales . Enhancing your tire shop’s customer experience, TireConnect simplifies the path to purchase and saves the consumer and dealer considerable time and effort. Featuring an improved inventory process for more visibility and faster quotes, TireConnect has the potential to optimize your resources and help you close more deals.

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Our clients are more than just clients, they are the resource we call upon to shape the functionality and usability of TireConnect. We are constantly consulting with our tire dealer client and learning about the sales challenges and hurdles they face . It is those insights that help us deliver the most purpose-built, effective software for your business.

See what tire dealer owners and managers have to say about TireConnect:
TireConnect Testimonial

-Hanford’s Tire and Service

TireConnect is truly the best tool I have come across in the last decade to market tires and  business. TireConnect helps in a variety of ways above and beyond online tire pricing. Set up was a lot simpler than I expected and using it makes my service advisors more productive.

-Meckfessel Tire and Auto

TireConnect is by far the best tool we have for selling tires. It’s no longer a hassle to find and price outside purchase tires, and using the tool increased tire sales almost instantly. Before TireConnect, we would receive quote request after quote request via our website, rarely closing those deals. Now, we sell tires online.

With TireConnect, we look like we stock every tire available in Arizona and along with the right pricing, we close the deal without doing anything! Great product with awesome support—I can’t recommend it enough (to my non-competitors)!

-Arizona Firestone

Tires Inc. utilizes TireConnect as both an in-store quoting and sales tool and a completely separate ecommerce platform on our website. A major advantage to using the solution in-store is that sales associates no longer have to spend time checking every vendor’s available inventory, then marking up the tires based on the preferred margin for that specific manufacturer and vendor. Having this solution on my website has proven to work very well in terms of being able to quote tire prices out the door for customers who like to shop after hours, after dinner, etc.. Having an ecommerce tool available to a business like ours is essential in keeping up with modern technology, as well as maintaining the professional image it takes to rival our competitors.

-Tires Inc. Boulder

Wow—someone finally figured out what dealers have been asking for! TireConnect greatly improves our website’s ability to price tires. Before TireConnect, we maintained the pricing on our website manually, which did deliver results—but that process was time consuming and tedious. After the initial setup, TireConnect cut that time down to a minimum and best of all, pricing is updated automatically once my suppliers have updated their new prices.

-Jerry’s Tires

We’ve had TireConnect’s ecommerce solution up and running on our website for three weeks and have already sold 11 sets of tires! We believe with the right advertising it will explode. Plus, out of those 11 sets of tires, these new customers added 4 alignments, 2 oil changes, 3 state inspections and 4 nitrogen. By the way, 10 of the 11 customers were new customers!

-University Tire and Auto

In just a couple of months we went from limited online functionality to a full fledged ecommerce platform. Tireconnect made it possible. They are on the ball and very easy to work with. I highly recommend them.

-Peerless Tire 4 Less


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