Sell More, Sell Better with TireConnect

TireConnect can accommodate 1 or 1000 locations. No matter how small or large your organization, we have the perfect tire sales solution for you.

  • Access all of your suppliers inventory in one place
  • Control your labour and tire prices per location
  • Create up-sell opportunities with value added services
  • Generate regional and location specific reports
  • Set up discounts and specials
  • Recommend and prioritize tire brands
  • and much more…
TireConnect helps your staff become instant tire experts by giving the tools to find and recommend best tires for customers. Your staff can look up tires based on customer’s vehicle, tire size, tire category and tire brand. TireConnect makes it easy for them to see all the rebates and print coupons right on the spot. Based on our tests it takes less then a minute to look up any tire and find out pricing and availability.
Customers go to your website looking for the right tires. Its a fact! Many of them leave your site imitatively if they cant find what they are looking for. Don’t loose these potential buyers. Give them the tools to find the right tires and make an appointment. Displaying prices is optional, so if you only want to show tire availability and ask them to call you, its ok! TireConnect will only display the information you want to display.

How does it work

TireConnect has automatic integration with inventory from leading tire wholesalers.

Furthermore, we are constantly adding new wholesale partners to TireConnect platform. In addition to these inventory feeds, you can add in stock tire inventory by simply exporting an Excel file with part number, quantity and price columns from your inventory systems and importing it into TireConnect.

Complete Control Over Tire Prices

If you want to display prices on your website you can easily set them up in TireConnect.
You can define prices across all brands and models or define pricing based on brand, model or size of the tire.

Price your tires by:

  • Add a percentage to the wholesale price(margin or markup)
  • Add a fixed dollar amount
  • Define discount of retail price
  • Create custom price matrices
  • Customize prices per band, size ranges or tire categories

TireConnect provides a flexible system to set up all labour prices.

You can define prices for standard services like Valves, Mounting and Wheel Alignment, as well as add optional services like Protection Plans, Nitrogen Fill etc. This helps you to bring even more value to the customer and provide upsell opportunities.

Because of our relationships with tire wholesalers, any active rebates will be automatically displayed in the system, providing customers with an opportunity to see the discounts as well as print out forms and coupons ahead of time.
All customer interactions with TireConnect are captured in real-time and available to you 24/7 in your TireConnect account.
You can search and filter quotes by by tire size, location, customer name and more. You can also export the report to be used in your internal marketing efforts.

We’ll help you be up and running in 15 minutes flat!

One Line of Code is all you need. We’ll help you insert the code into a page on your website, and you’ll be ready to go!

Functionality Overview

Customers can search using their car information, year, make, model and trim in combination with a tire category, e.g. All-season tires, Winter Tires, Performance etc. Using industry standard in OEM tire sizing TireConnect will display all the tires available for user’s vehicle.




For more advance users TireConnect offers the ability to search by tire size directly.
Furthermore, the search can be customized by selecting specific Brand(s), Tire Category as well as Load Index and Speed Rating.
User is provided with the Top Three Recommended Tires, with the rest of tires displayed below. The user will be able to filter results further based on Brands and/or Tire Category. Each tire will display specifications as well as pricing and rebate information (if applicable).


Once the customer has selected the tire, they are presented with a full summary of all services and prices. These include required services like mounting and balancing as well as optional services like nitrogen inflation and wheel alignment. Once the summary is reviewed, the customer has the option to:

  • Print
  • Email
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Purchase the tires (Soon to come)

Actions taken by the customer are recorded in our system and available for you to review 24/7 in real time. In addition to email notification being sent upon appointment requests, your staff members can login and review these in their TireConnect accounts at any time.



See TireConnect demo

Check out real life demo of TireConnect.