TireConnect- Where to start. Finally a tire module that not only works for my counter people, but also the consumer via our website and Facebook page. No more logging into multiple websites to estimate tires for our customers. One visit to TireConnect and we have real time pricing and availably from all our vendors on one screen. Every tire shown is clearly listed for my people as “In Stock” for those we have on hand and “Stock” for those available the next day. An estimate can be professionally printed or emailed to our customer in about a minute. It’s great- I’ve even sold tires from the comfort of my recliner using my smartphone when the shop was closed!

The set up was easy and the support staff professional and responsive. The recent integration to our point of sale system now incorporates our own inventory- shown individually for each shop. Having been part a major chain for 24 years, deeply involved in building a couple tire programs for fellow franchisees, the struggle was always finding a way to easily estimate tires – I can tell you that the answer is finally here. Thank You To TireConnect for developing this product and Bridgestone for making it available to us.

Inyart Tire & Auto Centers, Illinois.



TireConnect is truly the best tool I have come across in the last decade to market tires and my business. TireConnect helps in a variety of ways above and beyond what it was intended to do — online tire pricing. Set up was a lot simpler than I expected and using it makes my service advisors more productive.

Meckfessel Tire and Auto



Tire Connect is by far the best tool we have for selling tires. Our tire sales increased instantly because its no longer a hassle to find and price outside purchase tires. We also sell tires via our website now. Before, we just received quote request after request and rarely closed those deals. Now, we look like we stock every tire available in Arizona and along with the right pricing, we close the deal without doing anything! Great product with awesome support, cant recommend it enough (to my non-competitor)!!!

Arizona Firestone



We are utilizing Tire Connect for both an in-store quoting and sales tool as well as a completely separate online e-commerce platform on our website. Advantages using the solution in store is that the salespeople don’t have to spend time checking every vendor’s in stock inventory and then marking up the tires based on the preferred margin for that manufacturer and vendor. Having this solution on my website has proven to work very well in the sense of being able to essentially quote tire prices out the door for customers who like to shop after hours, after dinner, etc.. Having an ecommerce tool available to a business like ours is essential in keeping up to date with modern technology as well as keeping the professional image to be able to match up well with our competitors.

Tires Inc. Boulder



Wow! Someone finally figured out what dealers have been asking for. TireConnect greatly improves our website’s ability to price tires. We have been maintaining our pricing on our web site ourselves and have been successful with the results, but that was time consuming and tedious. TireConnect has cut that time down to a minimum after the initial install and best of all, pricing is updated automatically once my suppliers have updated their new prices, which they seem to be able to do pretty quick.

Jerry’s Tire



We’ve had our online purchasing up and running on our website using Tire Connect for three weeks and have sold 11 sets of tires so far and believe with the right advertising it will explode. Plus out of those 11 sets of tires these new customers added 4 alignments, 2 Oil Changes, 3 State inspections and 4 Nitrogen! Oh and by the way 10 of the 11 customers were new customers!

University Tire and Auto