Sales-Boosting Software for Tire Shops

Ready to unlock the door to more tire sales and increased customer satisfaction? TireConnect is the key. Tire retailers of all sizes use the industry’s most powerful sales software to boost sales online and in-store.

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Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

TireConnect supports tire businesses in growing their competitive edge and rivaling the biggest and best in the business. We provide a full suite of solutions built to enhance your business’s edge across all sales channels:

TireConnect – Website

  • Fully customizable
  • Real time tire inventory and pricing
  • eCommerce ready

    TireConnect – Facebook

    • Mirror the online quoting and sales experience
    • Maximize your Facebook marketing efforts
    • Finally get real ROI from Facebook

    TireConnect – Marketing

    • Simple & cost-effective marketing
    • Put your Google ads on cruise control
    • Sell tires on Facebook & Google Shopping

    TireConnect – Instore

    • See all tire inventory in one place
    • Quote tires in seconds not minutes
    • Improve customer satisfaction

    TireConnect – AutoService

    • Increase your automotive service revenue
    • Secure service appointment requests 24/7/365
    • Easy to use – for you and your customers!

    Track Customer Interactions to Gain Valuable Insight

    No matter the size of your organization, customer insights and analytics will help inform your sales strategies and your marketing spend. TireConnect tracks every customer interaction, allowing you to develop more personalized offers for each customer and market to them in ways that will resonate. Tracking analytics is no extra work for you—TireConnect’s robust technology takes care of it, creating detailed reports you can review and use to achieve more tire sales. Ready to see what your business can do with the right sales solution? Get a free on-demand demo now!

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    Easy Implementation Enables Online Tire Sales Instantly

    Consumers are shopping online with 1.2 billion tire searches performed online every year. This is a massive opportunity for tire retailers, with 83% of consumers comparing tire prices online before making a purchase. TireConnect ensures your inventory is always up-to-date by integrating with your tire suppliers as well as on-hand inventory. It can be easily added to your existing website and Facebook page making your business accessible to customers 24/7/365.
    Do you have a custom designed website or using a popular website platform? No worries!
    TireConnect modules can be added to practically ANY website with ease. In addition to improving conversion rates and user experience, our website solutions are search engine (SEO) optimized and can provide a boost in Google ranking when compared to static pages or tire catalogs.

    • Easily enable online tire ordering (eCommerce)
    • Sync with leading suppliers’ inventory and pricing to provide customers with accurate pricing
    • Track and get full credit for every tire you sell
    • Access extensive analytics and make data driven decisions with ease


    TireConnect Ads

    Google Ads Simplified!

    • As easy as 1, 2, 3
    • Select Your Campaign
    • Set The Timing
    • Press Go!

    Behind the scenes, our software automatically creates your campaign to generate qualified leads.

    Simple and Cost-effective

    • No setup or monthly fees
    • No minimum spend requirements
    • No long term commitment

    Put your Ads on Cruise Control

    • Advertise on Google Search in minutes!
    • Ads are 100% optimized for tire retailers
    • Easily track your ads performance and spend

    Question Do I need to be an advertising expert or the help of an agency?

    Answer Absolutely not! TireConnect Ads is powered by artificial intelligence and fully automated.

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    Sell Tires on Facebook & Google Shopping

    TireConnect can provide you with product marketing feeds that will allow you to list your inventory on both Facebook and Google Shopping.

    Google Shopping

    Google Shopping ( is Google’s product search; customers can shop for the products they’re looking for from a variety of sellers. List your tires on Google Shopping as free listings or as paid ads:

    • NEW! – Free product listing with zero ad-spend
    • One click purchase directly from Google Shopping
    • Easily compete with national retailers for free on Google Shopping
    • Boost your tire listings with sponsored shopping ads.

    Facebook Product Catalogs

    With TireConnect’s Facebook catalog you can easily showcase your tire inventory to users across Facebook and Instagram. You can use it to power

      • Create Dynamic Facebook Ads – displaying relevant tires that people are searching for
      • Display inventory on your Facebook page
      • Instagram Shopping

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      Exceed Customer Expectations with Enhanced In-store Selling

      The retail landscape is changing—you see it first-hand in your tire shop every day. Consumers are asking more questions, do more research in advance, and are making more informed purchase decisions. How can tire retailers keep up with this shift, and better yet, use it to their advantage?
      Successful tire retailers of all sizes are breaking down barriers, like the sales counter and providing customers with a more collaborative, visual, and empowering in-store experience.
      With a selling solution like TireConnect, sales associates can use a tablet, smartphone, kiosk, or computer to:

      • Simplify counter staff training
      • Save time when providing tire quotes
      • Create tire quotes anywhere, on any device
      • Make the tire buying experience less intimidating
      • Provide great customer experience
      • Promote transparency and trust with your customers


      AutoService by TireConnect

      Increase Service Revenue with TireConnect – AutoService

      • Increase your automotive service revenue
      • Secure service appointment requests 24/7/365
      • Easy to use – for you and your customers!

      User friendly and effective lead generation

      1. Select vehicle
      2. Select from available services and/or describe the issue
      3. Select preferred date and time
      4. Request appointment!

      An effective auto service solution is important

      • 75% of aftermarket auto repairs are performed by independent shops
      • 40% of online service bookings are done after-hours
      • 76% of clients use mobile devices to book service appointments

      Does your service solution deliver results?

      Auto service tools on most websites don’t do a great job of generating leads. They are often intimidating and difficult to use for an average consumer and lack the customization options required to make them an effective solution.

      TireConnect – AutoService is user friendly and 100% customizable making it the ultimate lead generation solution for automotive services.

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      Make Pricing Decisions with Confidence!

      National Average Prices

      TireConnect clients have access national average tire prices. These national average prices can be used when setting up tire prices in your account as well as on in-store quoting pages. This extremely valuable data is provided exclusively to TireConnect clients at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
      Enhance your pricing strategy with access to national average prices. The Tire Pricing Guide includes:

      • Your Retail Prices
      • National Average Prices
      • Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP)

      Take your pricing to the next level with access to local competitor prices provided by Fitment Group.

      Local Competitor Pricing

      Want to know how your local competitors are pricing?
      Well now you can, it’s easy with data provided by Fitment Group.
      If you are interested in getting access to local competitor prices directly in your TireConnect account, click the button below to request more information.

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      Custom Wheels

      If you sell custom wheels and wheel/tire packages, why not do it better, using a wheel and accessories visualizer.

      TireConnect provides seamless integration with industry leading wheel visualizer solutions. Your customer can search for wheels using the visualizer, see exactly how they will look on their own car. Once your customer has selected their wheels, they can then search for matching tires within TireConnect, all in one seamless integrated flow. Checking out both wheels and tires, in a single convenient shopping experience!

      Learn more about our wheels visualizer integration, request a demo today.

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      Do you want to ensure that every time you quote tires that you are quoting the right type of TPMS kit for customer’s vehicle. Well now you can with HAS TPMS service by Tiremetrix. The HAS TPMS add-on can be integrated directly into TireConnect, so that every time you quote a tire you are quoting the correct type of TPMS kit or valve replacement at the correct price. Learn more about our HAS TPMS integration, request your demo today

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      Wow—someone finally figured out what dealers have been asking for!

      Jerry’s Tires

      TireConnect is truly the best tool I have come across in the last decade to market tires and business.

      Meckfessel Tire and Auto
      Screenshot displaying the TireConnect interface

      See TireConnect in Action With a Demo

      Book a free demo to discover how TireConnect’s best-in-class tire shop software can become a critical component of your tire sales strategy—driving revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction.

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