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Revolutionize the Way You Sell Tires

Ready to see how you can dramatically improve the way you sell tires?Watch this video to see how leading tire retailers are selling smarter, increasing revenue, and boosting customer satisfaction with TireConnect.

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See how TireConnect can help you boost your revenue and customer satisfaction:


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See TireConnect in action with a demo

Book a demo to discover how TireConnect’s best-in-class tire shop software can become a critical component of your tire sales strategy driving revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction.

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Features & Benefits


Quote and Sell Tires on your Website and Facebook Page

To build and maintain a competitive edge that’ll make you the #1 choice for tires in your market, you need a reliable online sales tool that makes your inventory accessible to customers anywhere, anytime. Discover TireConnect’s no-fuss-eCommerce plug-in that brings your online sales strategy from 0 to 60 in a flash.


Access Real Inventory and Pricing Information

Tireconnect seamlessly integrates with your tire wholesaler or manufacturer. It also supports industry point of sale (POS) software, so you can confidently display your in-store inventory online. You can also count on Tireconnect to provide the tools needed to compare prices, customize orders, and maximize sales quickly.


Boost Revenue & Customer Satisfaction

In today’s retail landscape, consumers demand personalized and transparent customer experiences. They want quick and easy ways to view optional products and services tailored to their individual needs. Our in-store solution will empower your team to exceed these expectations and build trust by providing a convenient and transparent buying experience.


Create Quotes Instantly

Turn your greenest service advisor into a tire selling expert. After all, who wants to wait around while sales staff fumble their way through catalogs or look up tire inventory across multiple suppliers? Equip your sales team with Tire Connect’s powerful tire quoting solution, built to deliver accurate tire quotes at rapid speed.

Partner With TireConnect

We strive to drive more value for our clients by partnering with leading wholesalers and solution providers in the industry.

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Tire Sellers
Love TireConnect

“Tires Inc. utilizes TireConnect as both an in-store quoting and sales tool and a completely separate ecommerce platform on our website.”

“TireConnect is truly the best tool I have come across in the last decade to market tires and business.”

“Wow—someone finally figured out what dealers have been asking for!”

“It’s no longer a hassle to find and price outside purchase tires, and using the tool increased tire sales almost instantly.”

About us

We’re revolutionizing the tire sales process and becoming an invaluable business partner for our clients. We provide the most advanced, easy-to-use, and feature-rich tire commerce solution on the market.

Our platform simplifies the path to purchase for service advisors and customers alike. TireConnect delivers all of the product information required to make an informed purchase, live inventory connectivity and much more. Clients always remain in complete control of their inventory, pricing, labor, and installation costs.